Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

It is strongly encouraged that an appointment be made prior to coming down. This allows us to plan our customer flow and to provide better and more consistent service. Appointments are usually scheduled for 1-hour intervals.

Q: I am a new customer, do I need to bring anything for my first visit?

It will be extremely helpful to bring along your favourite pair of trousers/shirt/jacket. This serves as a visual reference during discussions. Please avoid wearing T-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts or flip-flops during your first visit. We greatly appreciate customers who dress appropriately for visits. This is a gentlemen's affair afterall.

Q: How long is the waiting time?

Shirts and trousers take 2-3 weeks to complete, while our hand-canvassed suits/jackets take around 6-8 weeks. Lead times are dependent on your availability and our workload for that period of time. Urgent orders may be processed, subjected to availability.

Q: Do you do international shipping?

For customers residing overseas, we can ship their new orders to them using DHL. We can take photos of potential fabric swatches and email them to the customer, who will then choose and confirm the style/design. After payment is received in full via online banking, production will proceed and orders will be shipped out once ready.  Please ask us to know more about our shipping policy.

Q: Do you do womenswear?

Currently, we are focused on doing menswear only. However, if you twist our arm really hard, we might be able to make you something :)


  1. If my shirt is a bit of tight after wearing a couple of times, will u alter for me? is this a free service?

  2. Hi sir, thank you for the message. Alteration charges are on a case-by-case basis, within reason. We usually do not charge anything for minor alterations.

    Shirts usually cannot be upsized due to the lack of allowances in the seams' construction.

  3. Hi Dylan, may i know what is the price range like for tailoring of a full suit with an additional pants. Understand that it defers for different fabrics but will like to have a rough estimate of the price of service at you shop

  4. Dylan, have a serious cigarette burn hole on one of my pants made from Dylan. Is it possible to make repairs?