Friday, 12 July 2013

Surfin' Safari

The iconic safari jacket has been around for ages. If you were to rummage through your grandpa's yellowed photo albums, chances are that you'll find him wearing one of some sort. Usually seen in either grey or khaki, the safari jacket exudes a sense of adventure and masculinity.

However, this ubiquitous outerwear with the iconic four patched-on pockets has all but disappeared amidst our urban landscape. As a tribute to one of the most enduring outerwear styles in menswear history, we have come up with our own contemporary, lightweight interpretation.

100% linen Safari Overshirt in navy with "crowfeet" hand-stitched brown horn buttons.

The Dylan & Son. Safari Overshirt is made of 100% pure summer linen, with corozo or natural horn buttons sewn on by hand. Besides linens, oxfords will work well too. As the name suggests, it is cut like an untucked shirt, is completely unlined and ideally layered over a button-down oxford or a beat-up henley.

Starts from $350.