Tuesday, 9 April 2013


This post is not focused on style. This is an article to help promote posture awareness.

In our line of work, we have come across a lot of men with unique body-structures. Some of the more commonly encountered features include high-low shoulders, high-low hips, forward tilting of the neck, overly arched back, shoulder twist, pulled-back chest and hunched-back.

Front tilt of head, pulled-back shoulders - ideally, the ear should line up in a straight line with the shoulders.
Our head weighs as much as a bowling ball. If you hold the bowling ball with our arms straight out in front of your body, you will feel pain and ache after some time. The ache you feel in your neck could  be due to this misalignment.  

Uneven shoulder level, hunched-back, side-shifted spine.
Years of poor posture or carrying of heavy loads on one side can lead to this happening. I have got an uneven shoulder level myself. In a perfect world, everything should be square and straight.

Most people will have some sort of asymmetry in their bodies. However, just because something is commonly seen, does not mean it is normal/correct. Most of these abnormalities can be traced to the misalignment of the spinal cord - medically known as VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

You might think one of your legs is longer than the other, but it could be due to the tilt in your hips, making your legs appear like they are of different lengths. The same thing with the length your arms. It could be due to the uneven level in your shoulders.

The root cause of this misalignment can be due to a whole range of reasons, like accidents resulting in trauma, poor posture, carrying of heavy loads, surgeries etc. Subluxation can even happen at birth, if the doctor pulling you out of your mom used excessive force. Yikes.

Now, subluxation can trigger a host of ailments. The misaligned spine puts unwanted pressure and stress on the nerves along the spinal cord. These nerves control all your bodily functions, and the misalignment prevents the nerves from sending messages to your brain effectively, thus affecting your health. Sinus, insomnia, fatigue, weak immunity, headaches, lack of concentration, body aches and other general health conditions could be the effects you feel from subluxation.

After experiencing nagging shoulder and back aches for years, I finally decided to undergo chiropractic treatment, albeit with some forceful persuading from a good friend. This is usually a long process, and mine is scheduled for a 12-month monitoring period. After 4 months of committed treatment, I feel a considerable decrease in my body aches. 

If you're experiencing the above mentioned problems, maybe it'll be good to get yourself checked by a chiropractor. I will be happy to recommend my chiropractor should anyone wish to get in touch. I am neither affiliated to, nor receiving any form of commission from, the clinic and its doctors.

Just spreading a bit of awareness, that's all.