Saturday, 30 March 2013


We all know losing weight is a difficult thing to do. It requires a lot of mental toughness, drive and discipline (just ask your girlfriend/wife/female colleagues). At the other end of the spectrum, there are a bunch of guys who find it extremely hard to maintain or gain weight. Welcome to the world of the ectomorphs.

Very skinny guys also have problems finding clothes that fit them, just like their heavier counterparts. The most critical aspect of getting the fit right is to not go too slim - this will only make them look even skinner. Having too much waist suppression creates a very acute silhouette, which can be pretty intimidating.

Go easy on the waist suppression!

Equally critical is the correct choice of fabrics. Cloths that are too lightweight and soft should be avoided at all costs. Here, my good friend is getting fitted using an immensely popular summer wool fresco. The excellent shape and structure of the cloth can - for lack of a better word, disguise - a lot of flaws. Full-bodied cloths from UK are usually preferred. Sturdier cotton drills are also strongly recommended, with our favorite being Scabal's Ascona range.

Two additional things to avoid:
- distinct or wide pin-stripes
- oversized-checks

This is what tailors do - we try our best to disguise the imperfections and accentuate the positives.