Monday, 25 November 2013

We're Back!

We have finally emerged from our 2-month long hibernation! Please email us at for an appointment :)


147A Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068606.
T: 62211852

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hibernation Mode

We are now CLOSED and will be in hibernation mode until the end of October 2013. During this period, we will be unable to accept any new orders. We can still be contacted by email (

'Til November, gentlemen.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fire Sale!

Dear Valued Customers,

As mentioned, Dylan & Son will be relocating soon, and before we move, we will be having a one-time clearance sale for all our customers. Do drop by and take a look!

Items on sale:

Display shirts
Display trousers
Suit Jackets
Neck Ties
Bow Ties
Pocket Squares
Leather Fitting Shoes
Various Display Merchandise


$5-$150 (Cash Only)

Days: 23, 24, 26, 27, 28 August 2013
Time: 1200 - 1900hrs

Location: 18 Raffles Quay Lau Pa Sat Festive Market #01-109 Singapore 048582

Tel: 6220 0628

Monday, 5 August 2013

Farewell, Lau Pa Sat!

Dear friends and customers,

On 1 September 2013, Lau Pa Sat @ Raffles Quay will undergo extensive renovations. As such, Dylan & Son will cease all operations by the end of August '13. We will be re-locating, most likely to a second floor shophouse unit along Telok Ayer Street (about 5 minutes' walk away). The targeted reopening date would be in November '13. 

Lau Pa Sat @ Raffles Quay has been the place I called home for the past three years. Prior to Dylan & Son's establishment in 2010, my father Peter had been a tenant here for over six years under the company name Oriental Tailor. It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that this place holds quite a bit of memories for both me and my father.

Yes, the place was old, crowded and noisy. On some days, you might have the smell of salted fish drifting through my glass doors into the shop. Heck, you can even hear the feet of scurrying rats on top of the shop roof at night. I kid you not.

However, Lau Pa Sat did provide me with crucial customer exposure when I first established the company. Located in front of a major cross-junction, the shopfront was highly visible to the massive lunch crowd and drivers along the road. Slowly, curious passer-bys eventually became our customers. 

Just like an old couple who had lived together for ages, I have learnt to tolerate the bad and appreciate the good with Lau Pa Sat. And now, the time has come for us to say goodbye to this old partner of ours.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our valued customers. Thank you for your continuous support over the years and we look forward to serving you in our new and bigger shop space in November 2013.

- Dylan

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Design Assistant

We are seeking a full time DESIGN ASSISTANT to join us in our daily shopfront operations.

Applicant must:
- be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.
- be able to multi-task.
- be self-motivated, driven and proactive.
- have a high level of time management and organization.
- have a strong passion in classic, tailored menswear.
- have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

You will have an advantage if you:
- are a graduate from a Fashion Design/Fashion Marketing course.
- are proficient in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Microsoft Words/Excel.
- have prior experience in a related field.
- can communicate effectively in mandarin.

Job description:
- Providing style consultation for customers.
- General retail and sales.
- Follow-up with workshops/suppliers for production needs.
- Strategize and planning to drive company forward.
- Research and development.

Please email your full resume and a recent photo of yourself, with the subject title "DESIGN ASSISTANT", to: enquiries@dylanandson.comOnly short-listed applicants will be notified.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Surfin' Safari

The iconic safari jacket has been around for ages. If you were to rummage through your grandpa's yellowed photo albums, chances are that you'll find him wearing one of some sort. Usually seen in either grey or khaki, the safari jacket exudes a sense of adventure and masculinity.

However, this ubiquitous outerwear with the iconic four patched-on pockets has all but disappeared amidst our urban landscape. As a tribute to one of the most enduring outerwear styles in menswear history, we have come up with our own contemporary, lightweight interpretation.

100% linen Safari Overshirt in navy with "crowfeet" hand-stitched brown horn buttons.

The Dylan & Son. Safari Overshirt is made of 100% pure summer linen, with corozo or natural horn buttons sewn on by hand. Besides linens, oxfords will work well too. As the name suggests, it is cut like an untucked shirt, is completely unlined and ideally layered over a button-down oxford or a beat-up henley.

Starts from $350.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Top Five Mortal Sins

Our location has given us the opportunity of observing working adults whiz by our shop front, day in day out. After careful scrutiny, we've compiled the top five sins that men have subconsciously committed since the Neanderthals started wearing animal hide. 

The collar is definitely the most important style-element of a shirt. It should frame your neck properly, with or without a tie.



A shirt always look more business-appropriate when it is in a lighter tone compared to the trousers. Whether you like it or not, a working man's wardrobe should be dominated by whites, blues and pinks, with the alternate color being lavender. Dark shades of brown, maroon and grey are usually not considered as corporate shirting colors, and deep purple is only good for smoke on the water. Overly colorful striped shirts should also be avoided if you want to be taken seriously.

Sir Paul Smith says no.

A lot of men carry ultra thick wallets, two phones, a stack of receipts and a whole bunch of keys. All these items are stuffed into the pockets, making it look like you have a huge, square-shaped tumor growing on your thigh.

Stuffed turkey impression fail.

Do an edit and get rid of the unnecessary items. Often times, a few cards and some cash is all you need. If you really have to carry an arsenal of things around, there's this wonderful invention called a bag.

A belt is an accessory and should not be required to hold up your trousers. Over tightening of the belt creates a pleat on the waistband. Cheap, synthetic leather belts tend to fray after a while when the paint job on the surface starts to wear off. Not sexy.

Ain't gonna get you any action.

When the trousers are too long, excess fabric puddles up at the hem and creates a very sloppy look. We are not asking you to go full Thom Browne on your pants. Opt for a gentle break and you'll look much more polished.



Tuesday, 9 April 2013


This post is not focused on style. This is an article to help promote posture awareness.

In our line of work, we have come across a lot of men with unique body-structures. Some of the more commonly encountered features include high-low shoulders, high-low hips, forward tilting of the neck, overly arched back, shoulder twist, pulled-back chest and hunched-back.

Front tilt of head, pulled-back shoulders - ideally, the ear should line up in a straight line with the shoulders.
Our head weighs as much as a bowling ball. If you hold the bowling ball with our arms straight out in front of your body, you will feel pain and ache after some time. The ache you feel in your neck could  be due to this misalignment.  

Uneven shoulder level, hunched-back, side-shifted spine.
Years of poor posture or carrying of heavy loads on one side can lead to this happening. I have got an uneven shoulder level myself. In a perfect world, everything should be square and straight.

Most people will have some sort of asymmetry in their bodies. However, just because something is commonly seen, does not mean it is normal/correct. Most of these abnormalities can be traced to the misalignment of the spinal cord - medically known as VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

You might think one of your legs is longer than the other, but it could be due to the tilt in your hips, making your legs appear like they are of different lengths. The same thing with the length your arms. It could be due to the uneven level in your shoulders.

The root cause of this misalignment can be due to a whole range of reasons, like accidents resulting in trauma, poor posture, carrying of heavy loads, surgeries etc. Subluxation can even happen at birth, if the doctor pulling you out of your mom used excessive force. Yikes.

Now, subluxation can trigger a host of ailments. The misaligned spine puts unwanted pressure and stress on the nerves along the spinal cord. These nerves control all your bodily functions, and the misalignment prevents the nerves from sending messages to your brain effectively, thus affecting your health. Sinus, insomnia, fatigue, weak immunity, headaches, lack of concentration, body aches and other general health conditions could be the effects you feel from subluxation.

After experiencing nagging shoulder and back aches for years, I finally decided to undergo chiropractic treatment, albeit with some forceful persuading from a good friend. This is usually a long process, and mine is scheduled for a 12-month monitoring period. After 4 months of committed treatment, I feel a considerable decrease in my body aches. 

If you're experiencing the above mentioned problems, maybe it'll be good to get yourself checked by a chiropractor. I will be happy to recommend my chiropractor should anyone wish to get in touch. I am neither affiliated to, nor receiving any form of commission from, the clinic and its doctors.

Just spreading a bit of awareness, that's all.

Saturday, 30 March 2013


We all know losing weight is a difficult thing to do. It requires a lot of mental toughness, drive and discipline (just ask your girlfriend/wife/female colleagues). At the other end of the spectrum, there are a bunch of guys who find it extremely hard to maintain or gain weight. Welcome to the world of the ectomorphs.

Very skinny guys also have problems finding clothes that fit them, just like their heavier counterparts. The most critical aspect of getting the fit right is to not go too slim - this will only make them look even skinner. Having too much waist suppression creates a very acute silhouette, which can be pretty intimidating.

Go easy on the waist suppression!

Equally critical is the correct choice of fabrics. Cloths that are too lightweight and soft should be avoided at all costs. Here, my good friend is getting fitted using an immensely popular summer wool fresco. The excellent shape and structure of the cloth can - for lack of a better word, disguise - a lot of flaws. Full-bodied cloths from UK are usually preferred. Sturdier cotton drills are also strongly recommended, with our favorite being Scabal's Ascona range.

Two additional things to avoid:
- distinct or wide pin-stripes
- oversized-checks

This is what tailors do - we try our best to disguise the imperfections and accentuate the positives. 

Monday, 4 February 2013


Dear all,

Please note that we will be closed from 9-17FEB for Chinese New Year. Regular business hours expected to resume on 18FEB. Gong xi fa cai everyone!

Monday, 28 January 2013

For the Love of Laundry

For the Love of Laundry is the preferred dry-cleaners for Dylan & Son. Sartorial.

How you take care of your clothes can directly determine its lifespan. Just like a good pair of shoes, if well taken care of, it will reward you every time you put it on.

For the modern man, we do understand that it can be quite a bitch to have to hand-wash your clothes after a hard day's night. Therefore, finding a good cleaner is very important. The last thing you'd want is for a dry-cleaner to completely destroy the soft and luxurious hand of your forest-green cashmere jacket.

Our dry-cleaners of choice is For the Love of Laundry. With four strategically located outlets, we urge all our customers to give their services a try. Go onto their website and get acquainted!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Technical Bugs!

We are experiencing some technical issues with our online server at the moment. As such, we are unable to access our email accounts.

Should you wish to contact us, please call our shop at 6220 0628 (during operation hours) or leave us a message on Facebook.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Brace Yourself

This post is for all my plus-sized friends. Let's not beat about the bush and go straight to the point here - you have a tummy.

OK. Now that's out of the way, we can start to talk a little more. 

The most common problem faced by gentlemen carrying a little extra weight is that their trousers always seem to slip down after some time. It's practically impossible to keep the trousers on the waist and some will simply wear it underneath the tummy, held in place by a tightly pulled belt. We'd think that's not a very flattering sight. Trousers worn below the tummy create a very unnatural sense of proportion. 

There is a solution to this - braces. A good pair of braces, not those skinny clip-on-fashion rubbish, allows you to 'float' the trousers at the waist, holding it at the right level all day long. Too few people are wearing braces these days, and that, we believe, is the biggest reason why guys feel apprehensive about wearing one. They fear being teased by the co-workers.

However, do consider who are the people dishing out these remarks. Putting the question of style aside, are they aware of the functionality of a pair of braces? You should never dress yourself in accordance to their - dare I say, misinformed - opinions.

Remember, tigers don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. You are a fat man. You can also be the best dressed fat man.

If you're gonna get one, look no further than the Rolls Royce of braces - Albert Thurston. If it's good enough for James Bond, it's good enough for you.