Friday, 17 August 2012

In / Out

So. You've decided to make a shirt. You want to wear it tucked-in for work. You also want to wear it untucked for the weekend. You get two shirts.

A shirt meant to be tucked-in is cut quite differently from a shirt meant to be left untucked.

SHIRT (A): untucked            SHIRT (B): tucked-in

Below are the two major differences.

For a shirt to be tucked in properly and remain in, the body has to be cut substantially longer. If not, there is a high possibility of it becoming untucked when you raise your arms. After you've helped that lovely lady reach for something on the top shelf, she does not need to see your shirt getting untucked in the process and exposing your Calvin Kleins.

Shirt (B) will just look ridiculously sloppy when left out due to its longer tail-length. In our view, the front of an untucked shirt should never fall past the halfway-point of your trouser fly.

Shirt (B) is cut with an hourglass body shape to fit the torso more closely. However, when left untucked, the ends of the tail will appear to flare outwards, much like a ladies' shirt.

An untucked shirt should be cut rather straight in the body, refer to Shirt (A), so that the fabric will fall and drape properly. A gentle suppression in the waist is fine, but if the suppression is too obvious, it will end up like Shirt (B). And speaking of drape, heavier cloths will almost always drape better than superfine ones, remember this. Think oxfords rather than smooth poplins.

Since we have to maintain a rather straight cut, almost the entire body must be brought in to cater for a slim-fit. However, this will result in a tighter chest, which might in turn result in pulling across the buttons and catching/creasing near the armholes - sorta like what Dr. Bruce Banner experiences right before turning green.

What happens when you tuck in Shirt (A)? All the excess fabric will balloon out from the waist. And don't raise your arms.


All the complications are somewhat inter-related. Therefore, unless you are willing to compromise on all of the aforementioned problems, make a decision - either you're in, or you're out.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


We'll be celebrating our nation's 47th birthday on August 9th. This also happen to be Dylan & Son's second year anniversary :)

We are still a very young establishment, but we felt that we have grown quite a fair bit within these two years. Those of you who have been with us from the first formative months in 2010 can probably attest to that.

A ridiculously small space of around 90sf was how it all began. It's virtually impossible to accommodate more than 2 customers in the original setup. Cramped and claustrophobic, we somehow managed to survive through that period of uncertainty.

Managed to get a tad bit bigger in 2011. Still pretty small, but we're nonetheless glad to have this upgrade.

We would like to thank all our customers, industry partners and the media for the encouraging support and affording us the opportunity to do what we do. 

We would like to say a special, heartfelt 'thank you' to all our regular customers (you know who you are!). You guys gave us a chance when we were completely unknown and unproven, and constantly provided us the strength to keep on going. We might not be able to please everyone single one of you out there... but hey, we're still gonna try.

Here's to many more years of style! Cheers :)