Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Silent Stripes

Stripe trousers are a mainstay in menswear. They are classic, formal and appropriate for everything corporate. However, not all stripes are born the same - some are wider, some are narrower.

The other element is the density of the stripes. The familiar one is the pin-stripe, which is quite distinct and visible. The opposite of that is the chalk-stripe. It appears as if a chalk is dragged lightly along the fabric, leaving faint lines on it. This is an excellent choice if you are a minimalist - very subtle and quiet.

Perhaps something to consider for your next commission.

Chalk-stripes (left) and pin-stripes (right).

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Knotty Issue

Bespoke pure wool tie in charcoal grey Prince of Wales.
(Cloth by Holland & Sherry)

Ties - a critical component in menswear which serves absolutely zero function. Come to think of it, what was the dude thinking when he invented the tie?

Hang on. Perhaps I'd just take this totally random piece of fabric and loop it around my neck, nevermind if there's a good chance of me being strangled to death.

Ties don't always have to be made of shiny silk. Matte and textured wools or linens are excellent alternatives.

Regardless. Here at Dylan & Son. Sartorial, we love it. And you should too. Forget about all the complicated knots with even more intimidating names. The only knot you need to master is the easiest of them all - the four-in-hand. How to? Like everything else in life, when in doubt, YouTube away.

Albiate Milano 1830 100% pure Egyptian cotton shirt in baby blue checks with European cut-away collar.

Learning this knot takes 5 minutes. Mastering it requires a little more effort. You might beg to differ, but I feel ties look the best when they are dimpled and gently skewed to one side. Excessive symmetry in menswear makes the wearer look too fastidious - almost to the point of being anal.

Not cool.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Jack Phillips
Liv Lewitschnik
Nelly Gocheva
Tan Hai Han

Friday, 2 September 2011

Classic Patterns - Houndstooth

Menswear can be rather restricted - you have to conform to a general guide on appropriate attire if you want to be taken seriously. Nope, you can't wear that pair of neon yellow pants to the board meeting next week. Unless you're the boss, of course.

The next time you make a commission, consider getting a pair in a patterned cloth, like the classic grey houndstooth. Patterned cloths provide that extra dimension to an otherwise flat ensemble.

Sometimes, it is good to try and explore a bit. There is a lot more to menswear than just plain black pants.

Houndstooth is such a distinctive pattern. It instantly amps up your outfit.
Cloth by Fintes Drago Super 150's (Italy).

Doesn't look too outrageous now, does it? It appears almost like a solid grey pair from a distance. And why am I wearing sandals to work? Because I can.