Monday, 31 January 2011

Time Out

We will be closed from 2nd - 7th Feb, and business will resume on 8th Feb. In the meantime, you can contact us via Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Thy Name is Versatility - Part II

Khakis are like the sartorial version of the Swiss army knife - it's one of the most versatile pair of pants a man can have in his wardrobe, a perfect bridge between being dressed-up and casual. The critical point is to keep the fit relatively trim and slim. We're not talking about cargo pants here, so forget about the baggy and wide-legged variety.

Photo brazenly stolen from The Sartorialist.

Wear a darker pair of khakis with a soft-blue button-down shirt layered over a white tee, roll up the sleeves and lace up some Chuck Taylors if you're going lazy Sunday brunch.

Photo carefully pilfered from The Sartorialist.

Match a lighter shade with a crisp white shirt, a navy wool blazer and a well-polished pair of cognac-coloured leather monk-strap shoes if you're having business lunch with that creative director of a design firm.

From now until 31st Jan, get 2 pairs of tailored khakis for $188*. And just in time for Chinese New Year too!

*Only for non-wool selections.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Old-School Elegance

A forgotten look: the elegant collar bar. Traditionally found on pointed collars, pictured above is the club-collar version. This sartorial element is almost always paired with white contrast collar and cuffs.

Besides the metallic armbands mentioned in the previous post, another detail seldom seen in menswear nowadays is the collar bar.

A typical collar bar with cube shaped screw-on tip.

The tie knot is not meant to be lying flat and close to your neck. Instead, it should protrude slightly away from the neck, creating a soft convex curve. The collar bar is inserted through specially punched holes on the collar tip, gently pulling the collar tips towards each other. The tie knot rests on the horizontal bar, creating the soft curve away from the neck.

If your job requires you to wear a tie, you might want to consider this look. It has a certain kind of old-school charm and elegance to it.

Specially punched holes on the collar allows the collar bar to slid through. The screw-on tip of the bar secures it in place. Shirts with collar holes should always be worn with a tie.